A simple mechanism that relies on fate

Online scratch cards are just the electronic version of the normal scratch cards and they operate in a very similar manner. Basically you will have a combination of numbers, figures or drawings behind a screen and then you will unpeel them using the mouse to locate the combination. You then check the combination to see whether it matches the winning list that has been provided. If you have the winning combination then you will collect your winnings but if you have the losing combination then you can decide to either call it a day or move on to the next game. The gambling companies make their profit from the fact that only a small percentage of tickets sold will be winning tickets.

That means that the rest of the sales are extra profit and can even sustain the prizes that you will be giving out to the winning combinations. It operates in much the same way that the lottery operates. The secret for the online scratch cards companies is to ensure that you – the customers – never know in advance the combinations behind the cover before paying the purchase price. Obviously it would be rather simple to simply choose the winning numbers and ignore the rest at that point. Actually if you had the chance to know in advance what is behind the scratch cards before paying, then you will be well on your way to becoming a millionaire :-).

The problems that could occur

There are risks associated with going online in the scratch card business. For the retailer there is the real possibility that clever computer wizards will begin to work out methods for looking behind the card before they buy. This would mean that they could literally skim off the best deals and leave the less profitable deals for the rest of the public. The rest of the public will not want to buy the scratch cards if they do not believe that they will be able to win the bigger prizes. This will mean that the business ends up collapsing due to the scenario that has been described above. Modern technology then becomes a curse because in the offline business it was very easy to ensure that even the retailer did not have a clued as to what was behind the scratch cards. Hopeful consumers would then be willing to take bets on whether they could choose the winning card on this occasion.

For the consumer who likes on play online scratch cards there is a danger that their digital identity will be stolen and that access to their personal data can be abused. When you are buying a ticket or token, you may be required to give your credit card details. There are assurances that this will be a secure transaction but you never know. Some ruthless people might get your details and proceed to go on an expensive shopping spree.

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