Find the gold at the end of the rainbow, today is your Lucky Day!

Lucky Day is a funny and well designed Irish themed online card game developed by Gamescale. The game is set in a beautiful green scenery under a splendid rainbow and with clovers all over. A pot of gold is watched over by a friendly Leprechaun, the traditional fairy in Irish folklore, a little red bearded man, wearing a green coat and hat. He will bring you €5,000 with €1 bet, so look at him with respect and big expectation. A fascinating red haired bartender will look after you and will bring €500 with the right winning combination and just €1 at stake as well.

Choose the amount you want to bet clicking the “+” and “-” buttons attached to the “CARD PRICE” sign. Then click the “PLAY” button and start the game.
Touch the wooden panels hiding the symbols to show them. If 3 of the panels contain 3 identical symbols, you win the prize according to the payout table on the left. If you press the “REVEAL ALL” button, the hidden symbols will be shown altogether.

Your total win in a round is shown just below the “TOTAL WIN” sign.

If you want to keep track of your current game session performance, the “HISTORY” sign on the upper left allows viewing all your previous rounds.

If you want to relax and just enjoy the action happening in front of you, you can hover on the “AUTO PLAY” sign to open the auto play settings and choose the number of games you want to play automatically, 5, 10, 20 or more. All the games will have the same amount of bet. Once properly set, click the “START” button to start the auto play mode. You can stop the auto play mode at any moment pressing the “STOP” button.

If you like Irish themed slots you won’t be disappointed by this little scratch game, with its cheerful soundtrack and pleasant graphics. Now you can play this game just for fun here or for real money at one of our selected online casinos. Make it your Lucky Day!

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.